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How Important Is A Slogan?

How important is a slogan and how exactly does it help get a business exposure? A slogan is a short phrase or sentence that conveys a theme or message from a company. Some companies choose different slogans frequently while others opt to keep the same slogan from their establishment date. Nearly every company has a slogan that is part of or accompanies their logo. A slogan can set the theme for a company and steer it in a positive direction, but most importantly it conveys a persuasive message to potential customers. That is why picking a slogan is so important, especially when entering into a marketing campaign. Here are four ideas that work when it comes to choosing a slogan.

Powerful and Direct Slogans

Stating a company is #1 is a cliché in the marketing business, but it works. There’s no reason to hold back when describing the quality of a company’s products or services (of course while remaining honest). People respect confidence and directness especially when the product or service is vital. Being direct also means using fewer words which is ideal for a slogan that should be a phrase or short sentence at most. Example: The Law Firm of John Smith: Best Lawyers in Town

Compassionate Slogans

Especially with the advent of eco-friendly products and services having a compassionate slogan is a great way to grab attention. Whether its compassion for the environment or the rigors of daily work life it’s important for companies to make a connection with their customers. Taking a stance on social issues can be risky with the divisive nature of the current political climate but certain themes are generally accepted like: humanitarianism, environmentalism, tolerance and nationalism to a certain extent. Example: John Smith Grocery Store: An Organic Shopping Experience

Slogans Showing Commitment

Many people know that slogans are intentionally biased and often look at them with skepticism, that’s why having an offer or commitment in a slogan can really attract attention. Offering free products or services is always a good way to attract attention, but there are plenty of options when it comes to enticing potential customers. Companies that offer guarantees often have more successful marketing campaigns because of the value placed by customer on getting a good deal. Example: John Smith Pizza Delivery: On-Time Delivery or your Money Back.

Honest Slogans

People always appreciate honesty, that’s why companies have been offering more transparency in their advertising. Telling a customer that another company’s products are more but less quality may seem like a bad idea, but in the end customers appreciate the honesty. In the modern age, information is readily available and an effort to keep customers from finding out about competitors is futile. Example: John Smith’s Gym: A Little Bit Higher Cost: A Lot Higher Quality.

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Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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