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7 Simple Ways You Can Sieze An Unfair Advantage In Your Market With Explaindio And Total Video Domination

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2014 was quite a year for video … you know, of course, people are watching more videos than ever, you probably can’t even count the number of videos you personally watched in the last month, right? And now you can create your own animated videos and sketch videos on a single platform with Explaindio.

Explaindio Is The Crown Jewel In My Video Toolbox

Explaindio Is The Crown Jewel In My Video Toolbox

It’s the crown jewel in my video toolbox …

Get it here: http://www.CheckThisOut.me/Explaindio

Let me tell you why I love it and why you will love it, too.

1. You can create animated videos and doodle videos quickly and easily.

Explaindio is easier to use than anything else.

Explaindio IS what VideoMakerFX wants to be. It’s even easier to make a sketch video on Explaindio than it is to create a new VideoScribe with Sparkol. I am HUGE Sparkol fan, and I never thought I would see the day someone would surpass that platform for easy, but Explaindio does it … at a mere FRACTION of the price.

2. You can sketch on top of video.

How neat is that? You can write text and insert images right onto a video.

3. You can create all kinds of videos.

You have no limits about the types of videos you can create with Explaindio.

You can create …

  • Video Sales Letters
  • Marketing videos
  • Viral advertisement videos
  • Home Tours
  • Neighborhood tours
  • Training videos
  • Product Promotion Videos
  • Business Promotion Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Review Videos

4. To speak or not to speak, that is the question.

You don’t have to go “on camera” and you don’t even have to speak if you don’t want to when you create videos with Explaindio.

Let the images and the music be your voice, and let them tell your message.

5. Of course, Voiceover is an option.

There is a separate audio track for voiceovers … you can include a voiceover and a musical background, if you like.

6. You can use images and assets from other programs.

If you are like me, you may have other programs – VideoMakerFX, EasySketch Pro. You may belong to monthly membership programs where you get new image files, sketch files, or videos.

You can import those files right into Explaindio.

7. Explaindio developers are the real deal.

This team stands head and shoulders above most developers in this genre.

These guys have a proven track record and they deliver first-class service, unbelievable training, with other products I also use. These are the gents behind Simple Video Pro. the most advanced video player on the market. These guys have worked hard for a long time to build a stellar reputation. They’re not going anywhere.

In fact, they are doing something with Explaindio that no other developer had the courage or wisdom to do … they are opening up the back end of their technology in “open source” fashion so that other developers can create addons and other products to meet the needs of specific niches. That was the kind of thinking that made WordPress successful.


I have a bonus for Explaindio buyers … real estate scripts and tutorials for 10real estate videos and video infographics. You will get an email from me several moments after your purchase when you use that link. That email will contain information about the bonus and special training.


~ Frances Flynn Thorsen

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